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Best Tips to Deal with Anxity

Best Tips to Deal with Anxity | Lots of people suffer with nervousness. Stress comes declared and completely takes over our minds. Anxiety comes automatically even if our life is going good and we don't have any type of stress, still anxiety can attack you and make you disable. If you don't know how to deal with anxiety then keep reading this article and I will tell you the best tips to deal with anxiety. 
Deal With Anxiety
Quite a number of my clients suffer or have suffered from anxiety. All these years working with them and allow them to overcome and eliminate it taught me lots. Now I want to discuss three tips that might also help you manage this type of crippling emotion.

How to Deal With Anxiety in 2019?

Everyone in the world have faced the anxiety even if they deny it this is true that they have faced anxiety. Everyone tries many tricks to get over from anxiety but can't but don't worry because here I am going to share three best tips that will help you to get over from anxiety.

1. Don't Fear From Anxiety

Some of you may immediately tell me,'wait a moment, that is not true. I think the stress very much here, in the present.' Yes, the feeling or emotion is there but where does this come from? What's the underlying fear that's causing it? Ask yourself what you're afraid might occur and you're going to find the origin of your anxiety. You may be surprised to find that your response is that something MIGHT happen some time later on. That is always the case. People are terrified that something might happen. It may be something happening in the immediate future or some time later. However, the"what if... such and such happens? " is in the future. Understanding this basic notion gives you a first grasp in your anxiety. Anxiety is the result of your stressing that something may happen. That means that anything you're frightened of remains NOT HERE!

2. Meet with peoples insead living alone

Anxiety is on your thoughts, inside of you. 'Imagine if X happens? What if I can not deal with this? Imagine if I suffocate/have a hub attack/lose my head and go mad...?' You can't appear to have the ability to control them and they grow more powerful as time goes by. They represent your fear. 

So long as you stay"INSIDE YOUR HEAD," on your thoughts, they'll be in charge. Make the effort to look out. Make the effort to take control of yourself and"STEP OUT OF YOUR BRAIN" and on the actual world. Look around, focus your 5 senses on what's about you. Rather than focalizing your mind on anything it is that's happening inside you, try and focus on what is around you. 

It might be an item or a person; you might opt to concentrate on something which's happening or on a single portion of the reality that surrounds you. Mentally tell your mind:'Shhhhh! Thank you. I already know what you believe but now I decide to think something else.' And choose the step to walk outside of your brain along with your thoughts. Rather than being controlled by your mind and your thoughts, do not forget that YOU are in charge and you select what to concentrate on.

3. Be Clear to Yourself

Anxiety happens in"freeze" mode. Fear paralyses us. Our mind is so wrapped up at the what ifs that we are able to think of nothing else. So , we freeze. We literally stop doing whatever it is that we're doing and just feel the growing anxiety.

As soon as we realize we are stuck in this suspended fear, we will need to push ourselves into movement. Movement and action will break the charm. The next time you become aware that you are paralyzed, stand up, jump, walk, DO SOMETHING PHYSICAL and not automatic, something that requires your attention, and snap out of it!

Next time you are feeling anxiety creeping upon you, remember and use these three tricks. Anytime you understand that you're already trapped and controlled by your own thoughts and their corresponding stress, remember and utilize these three suggestions. Repeat as often as necessary. The longer you use these tips, the weaker your anxiety will become.


                              The best way to deal with anxiety is just spend time with your close ones and feel free to tell them about this. In this article I have shared that how you can get over from anxiety. If you have any questions about this article then feel free to ask them in the comment  section.

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